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Gala Wines is a wine project, between the winemakers Eric Strid and Josep Mitjans based in Barcelona. The wines are produced at the Bodega Masia Can Mayol, also known as Loxarel. The goal for Gala Wines is to make high quality products for a conscious audience.
Our vineyards are only treated with organic fertilizer every four years. The first step was to release 4 wines from the region Penedés in Catalonia. Only the best grapes are used for the Gala Wines production.

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Gala Wines Cava Galawines CAVA Brut nature

Systembolaget nr: 81417-01

Kind of grapes:
Xarello, Macabeu and Chardonnay
Alc. volume: 12%
Serving temprature:4-6˚C

Elaboration and ageing: Made only from the best grapes chosen from our vineyards. Aged in the cavas penumbra from 28 to 30 months, it is a selection of the best "vintage", chosen form the best harvest and decollated when ordered so it reaches the customer at its best condition.

Sensory analysis: Yellow, straw with golden tones and small bubble, it makes a perfect crown. Its fruity, clean aromas have an ageing note. Very balanced in mouth, touches of sweetness and acidity well integrated, smooth, light but tasty.

Enjoying time: Perfect to drink in all meals and occasions. From the aperitif to the dessert, and even on its own.

Note: In GalaWines Cava, the second fermentation has been done with cork and "grapa" as it was done 150 years ago.

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